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  • Ensuring Your Protection in the Welding Industry

    Jun 17 2019

    In face of US welding industry’s recent and anticipated rapid growth, thousands more Americans are exploring this exciting, variable yet ...

  • Hard Hat Safety in Summer

    May 27 2019

    Why are Hard hats important? Hard hats are a vital piece of PPE kit in protecting workers against a range of risks that a demanding work...

  • Workwear in Warmer Climates

    May 23 2019

      Appropriate and comfortable workwear is vital in the hotter climates of the southern states and in the face of fluctuating northern st...

  • Workwear Depot - Hello and Welcome!

    May 09 2019

      Thank you for taking time to look at our new web shop blog.  As you will probably have seen, Workwear Depot have been present on variou...