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Outside Environments: How Can You Ensure a High Performance?

Posted on June 28 2019

Outside Environments: How Can You Ensure a High Performance?

The varying climates, seasons, temperatures and weather conditions across the United States exposes outdoor workers in industries such as road, rail and construction to immensely variable and harsh conditions, ranging from scorching heat to bitterly cold snow. In order to achieve a high performance and maximum productivity, employees should be equipped with the appropriate workwear and PPE to maintain a high level of comfort and protection to ensure they are motivated and capable of achieving their full potential, whatever the weather. Workwear Depot is committed to making this as easy as possible, evident by our wide range of products specifically tailored to warm and cold environments for high levels of comfort, Hi-vis garments (allowing workers to continue safely even when it becomes dark) and extensive PPE for all round protection.

Clothing for Warm Outside Environments

In the warmer climates of especially the southern states, the appropriate workwear is vital in order to maintain comfort and productivity to combat the difficulty of demanding physical labour in hot temperatures. The average temperatures of over 100 Fahrenheit in the Southwest states can lead to sunburn, heat stroke and more serious long-term conditions which poses a serious risk to outdoor workers. Materials such as cotton are ideal in these environments as it offers breathability to ensure the wearer is as cool as possible; Portwest garments such as the hi-vis S170 Cotton Comfort Short Sleeved T-Shirt (a 100% cotton, high visibility garment) or the white S810 Bolton Painters Bib & Brace combine light colored, high cotton count and UPF fabric to guarantee wearers the ultimate comfort in heat. Moreover, Portwest’s selection of mesh products allow for breathability with increased airflow such as the UMV21 ARC Rated FR Mesh Vest and the US386 Mesh Overpants, ensuring comfort for the wearer whilst also maximising protection in a dangerous outdoor environment through this hi-vis material. The design of hi-vis garments specifically for warmer environments is particularly useful as they ensure maximum comfort and protection as they offer high visibility in industries such as road where moving vehicles pose a danger; the E043 Hi-Vis Polycotton Shorts and S397 Class 3 Mesh Panel T-Shirt both offer cool low coverage but maximum visibility through their bright colors and reflective tape. Also, specific cooling products such as the CV01 Cooling Vest (with highly visible 2 inch silver reflective tape) and CVO4 Cooling Headband use innovative technology to allow the wearer to remain cool, comfortable and able to perform to their highest ability in a warm environment for a full 8 hour working day.

Clothing for Cold Outside Environments

Particularly in the colder northern states with averages of a chilling 30 Fahrenheit, workers are exposed to harsh temperatures and weather conditions such as rain and snow which can severely hinder performance and productivity. Whilst rain and windproof garments may then be appropriate, we at Workwear Depot recommend also maximising worker protection with hi-vis, rainproof garments to ensure maximum visibility in these often unclear conditions. Products such as the S480 Hi-Vis Traffic Trouser and the UPJ50 Hi-Vis Pilot Jacket (fully equipped with a fur collar and liner to ensure warmth) offer high quality protection due to their waterproof fabric, secured with sealed seams, but also their fluorescent coloring and 2inch reflective tape. Moreover, jackets such as the US468 Hi-Vis 4in1 Jacket and the UH445 Hi-Vis Classic Raincoat (in an extra long design for maximum rain and wind protection) offer increased protection through their pack away adjustable hood and storm cuffs. Finally, Portwest seeks to stress worker’s visibility and thus protection through their innovative use of glow-in-the-dark tape on products such as the G465 Glowtex 3in1 Bomber Jacket which combines comprehensive waterproof, fluorescent, reflective and fur lined in a compact design.

Hand and Footwear

Both footwear and gloves are important accessories to consider in order to maximise productivity in a challenging environment as both need to protect the worker whilst maintaining a high level of comfort and dexterity to allow for an effective performance. However, both are highly dependent on the nature of the outdoor environment and task required, making Workwear Depot’s wide and comprehensive choice of hand and footwear extremely convenient for aiding in achieving maximum productivity. From the A146 Arctic Winter Glove with twin liners that traps heat for increased insulation in cold climates (the nitrile coating also providing great grip in all conditions) to the thinner A150 Fortis Grip Glove with a crinkle latex grip and dipped palm for maximum dexterity, ventilation and thus comfort in warmer environments, there are gloves for every task. Moreover, employers should research into the most appropriate glove to ensure a high performance in the specific task required; for example, the A790 Anti-Vibration Glove is consciously designed to reduce effects of vibration for use with jack hammers and concrete breakers (allowing wearers to work comfortably for extended periods) and the A724 Safety Impact Glove uses TPR pod technology for superb protection from impact. Perhaps most important in footwear design for outside work is a protective steel toe cap (providing a barrier against falling objects) and having a slip, fuel and oil resistant outsole for protection, a high performance and durability; both the FW16 Steelite Welted Safety Boot and the FW64 Steelite Trekker Shoe, amongst others, offer these qualities with a comfortable padded and breathable lining for maximum worker satisfaction.


To maintain high levels of employee safety and thus high performance, the appropriate PPE is vitally important to protect against a wide range of hazards the outside environment poses; Workwear Depot therefore stocks a wide and variable range of Portwest’s innovative PPE solutions. Hard Hats are an essential piece of PPE kit that protect workers against a range of risks that a demanding outside environment could potentially pose such as falling objects, coming into contact with electrical hazards or bumping heads against fixed objects. Bright colors such as the standout yellow PW52 Full Brim Future Helmet Vented and the bright translucent shades of the PV64 Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat provide high visibility and well as comprehensive protection from the dangers of the outside environment. Moreover, both lightweight designs ensure sun protection by their wide brim and wearer comfort through their efficient vent system, making them highly compatible with warmer outdoor environments. Other headwear accessories can further add to wearer comfort and thus productivity such as the soft foam headband included in all Workwear Depot Hard Hats or the CS20 Cold Store Balaclava for superb protection against the cold. Moreover, additions to hard hats can provide valuable protection to the worker’s neck from harmful UV rays such as the HA16 Hi-Vis Neck Shade and the CV03 Cooling Crown with Neckshade, the latter with innovative cooling and drying capabilities that can keep the wearer cool for up to 8 hours.

Other PPE

Especially in an outdoor industry where loud, heavy machinery may be operated, ear protection is highly necessary to prevent long lasting hearing problems. To ensure prolonged wearer comfort, the PW43 Comfort Ear Protectors are very fitting due to their lightweight design and padded headband, guaranteeing protection and productivity without compromising on comfort. Moreover, the design of the PS47 Hi-vis Clip-On Ear Protector is compatible with hard hats and maximises safety even further through their hi-vis color for increased visibility making this highly suitable for the outside environment. Eye protection is also vital to protect against flying debris and particles which would potentially lead to eye irritation or more long-term sight problems and also harmful UV rays in warmer outside environments. Ensure the glasses’ material has a high UV protection for the ultimate defence such as Portwest’s sleek, sport inspired PW14 Lite Safety Glasses or the more secure PS11 Tech Look Plus glasses (with an EVA foam gasket for added comfort) that both offer the highest rated UV protection with compromising on style, comfort or protection allowing for high functionality in an intense outdoor working environment.

To fully equip workers in comfortable, practical and suitable attire, Workwear Depot stocks a wide range of Portwest’s innovative products to ensure both the ultimate ease and safety in these harsher, outdoor climates. With an easy to order online service and swift packing and shipping, Workwear Depot offer efficient service and excellent products to help you ensure you achieve your maximum productivity, whatever the weather.