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Workwear in Warmer Climates

Posted on May 23 2019

Workwear in Warmer Climates


Appropriate and comfortable workwear is vital in the hotter climates of the southern states and in the face of fluctuating northern state weather in order to ensure, not only the productivity and efficiency in work environments, but also to protect the workers against a harsher climate. Dangers such as sunburn, heat stroke and more seriously damaging, long term conditions can develop if the proper precautions are not taken to combat long periods of time exposed to strong sun rays and heat. Luckily, Workwear Depot can offer both Portwest’s innovative products and our own tips to ensure maximum safety for and efficiency of workers.


The fabric of workwear garments is vital to maintain comfort in warmer climates. Materials such as lightweight cotton are perfect for hot temperatures as they help regulate the wearer’s body temperature; cotton absorbs sweat and helps the body cool down. Moreover, it allows better air circulation that aids the wearer in staying cool in more demanding, warmer climates. Workers should also opt for light colored rather than dark fabrics when dressing for hot weather. Lighter fabrics such as white and yellow, reflect sunlight whereas dark colored garments will merely absorb it, making wearers increasingly hot and unproductive in their discomfort. Fabrics with high UPF ratings are also vital in these warmer climates as they protect the wearer from 98% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays that could lead to painful burns or long-term consequences. Portwest garments, such as the white S810 Bolton Painters Bib & Brace or the Hi-Vis S170 Cotton Comfort Short Sleeved T-Shirt (a 100% cotton, high visibility garment) combine light colored, high cotton count and UPF fabric to guarantee wearers the ultimate comfort in these warmer environments, without compromising on their functionality or protection in the workplace. Moreover, mesh fabrics are highly efficient in ensuring the wearer remains cool due to the increased breathability of mesh material; the UMV21 ARC Rated FR Mesh Vest and the US386 Mesh Overpants are ideal examples, both also offering high visibility as well. Portwest’s use of the latest cooling technology through the design of the CV01 Cooling Vest is also perfect for warmer climates due to the material’s wicking, cooling and drying capabilities that keep the wearer cool for up to 8 hours.


Whilst in such hot weather, workers may feel more inclined to wear as few uncomfortable garments as possible in a working environment, high coverage clothing is actually better for sun protection if workers do not have time to reapply sun cream in the working day. Items such as long sleeve tee shirts or long sleeve coveralls in UPF fabrics allow for maximum sun protection whilst also preventing cuts, grazes and insect bites which wearers may encounter in a warmer climate’s work environment. Both the S278 Cotton Comfort Long Sleeved T-shirt and C814 Iona Cotton Coverall combine 50+ UPF protection, high coverage, high visibility (through reflective tape and bright colours) and an 100% cotton count for the wearer, to ensure ultimate protection from burns and overheating. Design features such as jackets with detachable sleeves (the US428 Hi-Vis Softshell Jacket, a Hi-Vis waterproof safety jacket, design ensures versatility in a range of climates) also allow for increased comfort and air flow around the body which can help prevent overheating. Moreover, the design of polo tops such as RT22 Hi-Vis Short Sleeved Polo provide vital neck protection, an exposed area prone to burning, whilst also ensuring functionality and a smart, corporate look for the wearer.


In warm climates and summery conditions, workers can prioritise both their immediate comfort and safety through the use of vented hard hats. The PV50 Peak View Hard Hat- Vented is an exclusive and innovative Portwest design; this safety helmet’s extra strong yet ultra-lightweight shell increases airflow around the head to keep the wearer cool and help prevent overheating whilst also ensuring protection from falling objects. Moreover, a full brim construction helmet and the use of a material with UV stabilizers, such as the PW52 Full Brim Future Vented safety helmet, can make these hard hats well suited to combating those stronger sun rays by offering UPF protection. By absorbing and shielding wearers from UV radiation, this design is crucial in protecting the wearer’s skin from the dangerous effects of this radiation which could lead to painful burns or more long-term side effects such as skin cancer. Other add on features can provide added comfort for the wearer, such as a soft foam sweatband, included in all Portwest’s hard hats, to ensure a clean face and vision, making them more inclined to continue wearing this safety feature even in uncomfortable heat. Moreover, the CV03 Cooling Crown with Neck Shade is a highly efficient product in keeping the wearer cool for up to 8 hours to help prevent overheating when working in safety helmets, whilst also providing neck protection from dangerous UV rays. If the job doesn’t require a safety hat, then workers should still consider a cap, or lighter protection such as bump caps, in order to keep the sun off their face in these warmer climates; the PS59 AirTech Bump Cap ensures protection, increased ventilation with its mesh side and a shock absorbing shell for functionality in warmer work environments.

Safety glasses, especially in a tinted style, can combine style and practicality by protecting wearers eyes from flying debris but also from harmful UV rays that can lead to permanent eye problems. Ensure the glasses’ material has a high UV protection for the ultimate defence such as Portwest’s sleek, sport inspired PW14 Lite Safety Glasses or the more secure PS11 Tech Look Plus glasses that both offer the highest rated UV protection with compromising on style, comfort or protection.

Further precautions

Whilst appropriate workwear is vital to maintaining comfort and productivity in a warmer climate, workers should also be educated in how to further combat the dangers this poses in the work environment. Sun cream should be worn on exposed skin in order to protect it, which will enable workers to wear cooler, lower coverage clothing such as the E043 Hi-Vis Polycotton Shorts safely, and workers should keep hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, workers should be taught the signs of heatstroke in order to know when to aid themselves and others around them, ensuring a safer and considerate work environment which should ultimately lead to greater efficiency.

To fully equip workers in comfortable, practical and suitable attire, Workwear Depot stocks a wide range of Portwest’s innovative products to ensure both the ultimate ease and safety in these warmer climates. With an easy to order online service and swift packing and shipping, Workwear Depot offer efficient service and excellent products to help you ensure you achieve your maximum productivity, whatever the weather.