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Workwear Depot - Hello and Welcome!

Posted on May 09 2019

Workwear Depot - Hello and Welcome!


Thank you for taking time to look at our new web shop blog.  As you will probably have seen, Workwear Depot have been present on various marketplaces for a number of years and we have consistently been given positive feedback during this time!  We are enthusiastic about PPE, safety and everything to do with workwear and have decided to launch our very own web shop so that we can showcase our product portfolio.  Since our launch, we have been happy to serve tens of thousands of customers with the best possible work clothing available and we hope that you will continue to enjoy our service and offers for many years to come.

Workwear Depot’s extensive and unique collection of workwear and personal protection equipment (PPE), including reflective hi-vis garments, flame resistant coveralls, waterproof rainwear and hard hats (including vented and full brim amongst other innovative designs), provides the highest level of protection for workers all over the USA in diverse industries such as construction, warehousing, welding, chemical, transport and agriculture, to name just a few. All of our products are tested to the latest, internationally recognised safety standards and provide expert protection against hazards, including flame, electric, chemical, molten, rain and low visibility to maximise our consumer’s safety.

In order to guarantee our customers the highest level of quality and provide a wide range of premium safety products, we decided to keep things simple and consistent by stocking one trusted brand of goods: Portwest.

Portwest is a well-established and reliable brand with over 110 years of experience and a heritage of impeccable quality, value and service, making it an easy choice for us at Workwear Depot. Firmly established as world leader in the design and manufacture of stylish, comfortable, lightweight, high-quality workwear, Portwest listen carefully to their customers and work continuously to improve their range of functional, secure fitting and protective products to achieve maximum consumer satisfaction.

Therefore, guaranteed same business day shipping (if received prior to 3pm EST) and high levels of our trusted partner’s stock, mean we, at Workwear Depot, can quickly meet your workwear and PPE demands to ensure you can swiftly achieve maximum productivity and safety. We aim to support our customers every step of the way so with our five-star customer satisfaction and secure payment with Paypal (the world’s leading online payment facility) we can guarantee a quick, reliable and stress-free experience. Moreover, our blog provides helpful, highly relevant tips, information and assistance whilst spotlighting our favorite Portwest products. Our frequent posts advise consumers on how to overcome a wide range of obstacles, such as demanding climates and safety risks, to maximise productivity.