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Hard Hat Safety in Summer

Posted on May 27 2019

Hard Hat Safety in Summer

Why are Hard hats important?

Hard hats are a vital piece of PPE kit in protecting workers against a range of risks that a demanding work environment could potentially pose; falling objects, bumping heads against fixed objects and coming into contact with electrical hazards are just a handful of the danger’s safety helmets work to combat. In the US construction industry in 2012, 65,000 cases involving days taken away from work were as a result of head injuries in the workplace. It is even estimated that 1,020 workers died that same year from head injuries in the work environment, strongly evidencing the vital importance of hard hat safety. As of the 1989 Construction Head Protection Regulations (revised in 1992 and 2002 to provide further ensure ultimate protection), employers must provide safety helmets to employees when there is risk of head injury. These regulations highlight the importance of this safety accessory in ensuring productivity in the US market and the need to equip employees appropriately to fulfil OSHA safety requirements, both of which Workwear Depot and Portwest is committed to, evident through our wide range of Hard hats and PPE.

Are Hard hats practical in the summer sun?

In warmer, southern state climates and the high summertime temperatures of the northern states, workers may be inclined to prioritise their immediate comfort over their safety, removing construction helmets to prevent overheating. Workwear Depot recognise the dilemma a work hat may pose in summer and have a range of methods to address wearers discomfort without compromising their safety. For example, the efficient design of vented hard hats was specifically created to increase airflow around the wearer’s head in order to stay cool, making Portwest’s products such as the PV50 Peak View Hard Hat- Vented perfect for summer working conditions with it’s innovative ventilation system.

The Polycarbonate shell used in Portwest’s vented hard hats, an exclusive design, also provides excellent protection due to its extra strong yet super lightweight quality. This material is incredibly resistant to extreme temperatures making it ideal in warmer temperatures as it fails to absorb heat which is a crucial in preventing overheating and ensuring a comfortable experience for any wearer. 

Hard Hats with UV stabilizers are also well suited to combatting the stronger summer sun rays. By absorbing UV radiation, hard hats made from materials containing UV stabilizers are vital in protecting the wearer’s skin from the dangerous effects of UV radiation which could lead to painful burns or long-term medical problems. Moreover, full brim vented hard hats aid in shielding these hazardous rays from the users face and eyes and potential falling objects, such as the design of the PW52 Full Brim Future Vented safety helmet. Other precautions can also enhance this protection. Portwest’s tinted glasses provide the highest UV protection rating which is vital and highly efficient in shielding  worker’s eyes from dangerous UV radiation; sleek, sport inspired designs such as PW14 Lite Safety Glasses or the more secure PS11 Tech Look Plus glasses ensure both style and comfort for the wearer without having to compromise on protection. Additionally, polo shirts such as the S277 Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Polo or the S477 Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Polo are also ideal in providing protection to frequently exposed skin on the back of the wearer’s neck through their coverage and 50 UPF rated fabric, the moisture wicking material also ensures a cooler, sweat free experience.

Safety hat add on features can provide extra comfort for the wearer, making them more inclined to continue wearing this safety feature even in uncomfortable heat. Helmet linings and soft foam sweat bands, fitted in all Portwest’s safety helmets, can ensure greater ease as these accessories can catch sweat, keeping the wearer’s face and vision clear ensuring maximum productivity and precision. Additionally, these can aid a more secure fit and prevent slipping of the hard hat combating the frequent effects of sweat, also guaranteed through the correct fitting of the accessory by using adjustable straps, both design features present in the PV60 Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat Vented.

Does summer weather effect Hard hats durability?

High levels of heat and sun exposure in the summer period and frequent use over numerous years can slowly wear down the strength and electrical resistance of construction helmets. In order to combat this, wearers should store their hats away from direct sunlight, inspect their hats before use to check for any issues and these should be replaced when they become ineffective, to ensure wearers receive the ultimate protection.

To fully equip workers in comfortable, practical and suitable attire, Workwear Depot stocks a wide range of Portwest’s innovative products to ensure both the ultimate ease and safety in these warmer climates. With an easy to order online service and swift packing and shipping, Workwear Depot offer efficient service and excellent products to help you ensure you achieve your maximum productivity, whatever the weather.