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FR - Shirts & Pants

The Portwest BZ31, FR89 and FR95 are made from Bizflame 88/12.  This material guarantees high performance and maximum comfort. The high cotton content provides an ultra-soft handle while the nylon offers excellent abrasion and tear resistance.

The Portwest FR01 and FR02 are made from the Bizflam material.  This smooth, high performance interlock knit is made from 100% FR cotton. The fabric offers superior strength and a lightweight feel. Guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment ensures value and peace of mind. Bizflame Knit offers outstanding protection against electric arc with an ATPV rating of 12 Cal/cm², this exceeds the requirements for ARC2 clothing.

The FR96 is made from Modaflame®.  This is an inherently permanent flame-resistant fabric.  Constructed from an inherently fire-resistant yarn of 60% Modacrylic, 39% Cotton and 1% Carbon Fiber. Modaflame is extremely comfortable, hard wearing and offers full anti-static protection.

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